Hockey Arena

This state-of-the-art four-pad hockey arena, spanning an impressive 128,000 square feet and featuring the innovative insulated CONFORM wall system. This arena represents the perfect fusion of functionality, durability, and efficiency, providing a premier venue for hockey enthusiasts of all ages.

The exterior walls of this arena proudly showcase the CONFORM wall system, offering unparalleled structural integrity and thermal efficiency. With its load-bearing capabilities and advanced insulation properties, the CONFORM walls ensure a comfortable environment for players and spectators alike while minimizing energy costs. Additionally, the sleek finish of the CONFORM walls adds a touch of modern elegance to the arena’s facade, making it a standout feature in the community.

Inside the arena, the versatility of the CONFORM system shines as load bearing walls for the bleachers, change rooms, kitchen, and maintenance areas. These walls provide sturdy support for essential facilities while offering a customizable design that meets the specific needs of each space. Whether it’s providing a comfortable space for players to prepare for the game, serving up delicious concessions to hungry fans, or ensuring the smooth operation of maintenance activities, the CONFORM walls deliver reliability and efficiency at every turn.

From its sleek exterior to its versatile interior, every aspect of the arena embodies the virtues of the CONFORM wall system, offering a premier venue for sports and community events that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Welcome to a new era of excellence in sports facility design and construction.


Building Size:128,800 Sq. Ft.
Year Built:2002
Wall heights:Ranging from 10ft. to 25ft. high
Profiles Used:CF8i (insulated) exterior walls
CF8 interior walls
CF6 interior walls
Features:Load bearing interior walls
Non load bearing exterior and interior walls
Panelized sections used for easy installation
Used in conjunction with a pre engineered steel structure
4 NHL sized ice pads
Second floor office area
Full kitchen, restaurant and bar