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    To continuously deliver value to our customers with a commitment to Quality, Service & Innovation

    Serving residential, commercial and industrial building projects worldwide

    Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®) is a leading provider of ceiling and wall systems in North America and around the world. Our modern manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada serves residential, commercial and industrial building projects with eco-friendly products that are ready-to-assemble, low maintenance and engineered to last a lifetime.Our cutting-edge building systems – CONFORM®, RELINE® and RENU® have revolutionised the construction industry offering smart alternatives to traditional building materials which can be cost and labour intensive.

    • Build in any climate: NUFORM® weather-resistant building systems are impervious to heat or cold and can be designed to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.
    • Enjoy design flexibility: We have a range of standard sizes, plus the wall panels can be pre-cut to your specifications to suit your largest and smallest needs.
    • Reduce construction time and cost: The lightweight materials are easy to handle, fit a variety of conventional roofing, door and window systems, and can include built-in insulation, service raceways and rough openings reducing the time taken to complete the project.
    • Save on maintenance expenses: The solid concrete construction has a superior finish that requires no painting. It will not rust, corrode, flake, peel or rot. Plus it is rodent and pest resistant.
    • Boost your green building initiatives: Using UL environment validated CONFORM™ can earn you up to 15 valuable LEED Points helping you qualify for your green building certification sooner.
    • Enhance energy efficiency: Our CF8i, 8” insulated form, is a leader in providing energy efficient walls, reducing overall heating and cooling costs and associated greenhouse gases.
    • Enjoy superior indoor air quality: Our building materials are certified as low VOC. Additionally, superior finish has eliminated the need for painting or harsh cleaners. All this contributes to better indoor air quality.
    • Reduce waste: All NUFORM® products are 100% recyclable, and we are committed to using post-industrial recycled materials wherever possible.

    Call NUFORM® at 1-877-747-9255 or request a quote online for top quality building systems in North America.