Heavy-Duty Reversible Paneling Systems for New Construction and Retrofits

The high performance RENU® paneling system offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for new constructions as well as retrofits. Its heavy-duty reversible panels are specially designed to withstand high wear-and-tear of self-serve car washes. This makes them ideal for vehicle-wash building owners and managers who are looking  to reduce maintenance efforts and expenses. Lightweight and durable, it fastens directly onto an existing wall or ceiling, thus significantly decreasing the time taken to complete your building or renovation project.

RENU® can be used for all types of buildings, however, NUFORM® has designed it to specifically meet the many challenges faced by a vehicle wash building environment. Manufactured in our cutting-edge facility in Ontario, Canada, it serves as an ideal product for self-serve bays and other areas of your car wash that see high usage.

Available in the following colours:

Nuform White
Nuform White

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    Why chose the RENU® reversible paneling system?

    NUFORM® offers fast delivery times for the RENU® reversible paneling system reducing the time (and labour cost) it takes to complete your renovation or construction project.

    The RENU® paneling system is easy to maintain:

    It is made of a durable material and hence requires only periodic maintenance using a general cleaner applied with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. (The recommended cleaner is REVIVE, a non-toxic cleaner available from NUFORM®.)

    For tougher stains (e.g. graffiti), use the specially formulated NUFORM® Graffiti Remover.

    The heavy-duty, reversible RENU® paneling system offers many years of low maintenance usage.

    Its rigid panels come in a variety of standard lengths to meet diverse needs.
    Lightweight panels are easy to handle, plus no gluing is required
    It withstands harsh chemical cleansers and outperforms fibre-reinforced panels (FRP) and fiberglass spray.
    Top quality finished surface brightens the interior appearance of the building.
    High quality materials and construction offer superior long-term performance and it is virtually maintenance-free.
    Has innovative built-in expansion joints so panels will not warp.
    The panels are weather, pest and rodent resistant so they will not rust or corrode, and don’t need to be painted either.
    A wide range of accessories and fasteners accommodate specific requirements.

    RENU® Reversible Paneling Offers Flexibility, Durability and Easy Maintenance

    The RENU® paneling system is designed for high wear-and-tear applications. If a panel gets damaged on one side, it can be flipped over to the other side as both faces can be used the same way. Plus the superior materials used in construction and high quality, long-lasting finish reduce your maintenance requirements significantly.