Easy-to-Use Ceiling, Wall Paneling System for Renovations and New Construction

RELINE® is an innovative paneling system that can be used for ceilings as well as walls. Versatile, lightweight and easy-to-install, it works well for both new construction and renovations reducing project time and cost significantly. You can complete your remodelling project or have your new business facility up and running sooner than you thought possible, and without compromising on building quality.

NUFORM® is well recognized in the construction industry for its high-performance and long-lasting products.  We focus on improving construction efficiency and outcome while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Available in the following colours:

Bright White
Bright White
Nuform White
Nuform White
Nuform Gray
Nuform Gray


Accessories built for the RELINE system.

Providing you with a number of finishers and transitions for any project.

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    Advantages of the RELINE® wall and ceiling paneling systems

    RELINE® is a convenient and durable paneling system that works especially well when used as a ceiling panel in conjunction with our CONFORM® concrete wall forming system.

    RELINE® panels are an ideal, cost effective solution for all areas of your vehicle wash, including ceilings and walls. They are also specifically designed for walls and ceilings in agricultural buildings with concealed fasteners providing a smooth, clean finish while improving ventilation and airflow.

    They fasten directly to an existing wall or truss ceiling speeding up the installation process.
    The 12” and 18″ wide rigid panels come in a variety of standard lengths for immediate shipping as well as custom cut lengths to suit your specific building requirements.
    Heavy-duty slotted fastening leg allows for easy installation and for panels to move due to expansion and contraction.
    Solid construction offers superior, long-term performance.
    High quality finished surface lasts a lifetime and brightens the interior appearance of the building while reducing energy costs.
    No gluing is required and concealed fasteners provide a smooth, clean finish.
    It is virtually maintenance-free as panels will not warp, rust or corrode and never need to be painted.
    It has a Class A fire rating.
    There are a wide-range of accessories available as well as fasteners.
    It has been evaluated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and is and HACCP Canada recommended, hence, safe to use in agricultural buildings and food facilities.

    Lightweight Paneling System Saves on Construction and Maintenance Costs

    The RELINE® paneling system offers significant money-savings both during initial construction and throughout its lifecycle as it is virtually maintenance-free. We have used next generation technology to create the lightweight, interlocking features to improve look and performance. Its durable and smooth finish offers superior resistance to weather, pests and normal wear-and-tear reducing time, effort and money spent on maintenance.