Cannabis Facilities

COMFORM and RELINE for Cannabis Facilities

CONFORM® wall assemblies are the superlative choice for meeting the demanding conditions and regulations that are associated with an Industrial Grow Op facility. The PVC wall forms are easy to sanitize, UV resistant and mold resistant, helping to preserve the cleanliness of your facility. CONFORM’s clean and bright finish is impervious to rust, corrosion, flaking, peeling or rotting, and requires no painting, thus minimizing your maintenance costs.

The assemblies superior thermal insulating properties make it ideal for temperature regulation, ensuring your crops grow in the healthiest environment possible. Our forms are available in a range of sizes (4″, 6″ & 8″ thick). These advanced wall forming systems are easy to install, thereby fast tracking construction and reducing labor costs further enhancing your bottom line.

Made by NUFORM® the CONFORM® wall assembly has already proven its effectiveness and cost saving abilities in agricultural facilities around the globe. They are perfectly equipped to meet the demands of the emerging Industrial Grow Op market. We are known for our ability to provide innovative solutions to provide total value satisfaction to our clients.

RELINE®: The Perfect Complement

RELINE® is our innovative, lightweight PVC paneling system which fastens directly to your existing wall or truss ceiling. It is the ideal solution for renovating an existing facility or starting a new project. When used as a ceiling panel, RELINE® is the perfect complement to the CONFORM® wall system due to the fact that it has the same benefits as the CONFORM® wall system; clean, finished surface that is easy to install.

The RELINE® Advantage

Quick and easy installation
Panels will not warp, rust or corrode and never need to be painted
Superior sound and thermal insulating properties
Resistant to weather as well as rodents and termites
Durable finished surface brightens the interior of the building
Meets Class A interior finish requirements
Evaluated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and HACCP Canada recommended

Whether these products are used together or on their own, CONFORM® and RELINE® are the best solutions to a safe, productive and long lasting grow op facility.

The CONFORM® Advantage:

Durable permanent finish reduces maintenance costs
Our formwork will not rust, corrode, flake, peel or rot and needs no painting
Promotes superior indoor air quality due to the mold and mildew resistance
Excellent thermal properties and light reflectivity promotes lower building energy costs
Finished surface brightens the interior of the building reducing the need for additional lighting
Competitive pricing offering total value satisfaction
Evaluated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and HACCP Canada recommended