Stay-in-Place Concrete Wall Forming System for Easy Construction in Any Climate

CONFORM® is a revolutionary stay-in-place concrete wall forming system that promotes easy construction in all types of climate. The rigid polymer forms easily slide together, creating durable pre-finished walls that can be constructed quickly saving you time and money. The panels are erected and poured with concrete leaving a finished wall that requires no additional painting, stucco or additional cladding.

This industry-leading product is manufactured by NUFORM®, a company known for its innovative solutions serving the construction industry for over 25 years. CONFORM’s patented polymer-based formwork for concrete walls offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction assemblies such as precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls.

Available in the following colours:

Nuform White
Nuform White

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Easy to use ceiling and wall paneling system for renovations and new construction.

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    Advantages of our ground-breaking CONFORM® concrete wall forming system

    It is made-to-order and offers quick onsite assembly reducing costly labour. It is impervious to weather and can be designed to handle extreme conditions including earthquakes and hurricanes.
    Its innovative and lightweight design reduces labour and finishing expenses.
    It is available in a range of sizes offering greater flexibility of design from a cozy home to a large industrial complex.
    It allows a variety of conventional roof structures, windows and door systems to be added. It is easy to maintain as its solid concrete construction is made to last a lifetime. It requires no painting and it will not rust, corrode, flake, peel or rot; plus it is rodent and pest-resistant.
    It promotes superior indoor air quality on account of its resistance to mould and mildew.
    It encourages energy efficiency and resists ultra violet radiation.
    Whether you are a developer, contractor, architect, engineer, or designer, the CONFORM® concrete wall forming system is a great choice. It delivers absolute value enhancing durability and outcome while lowering your initial construction costs as well as ongoing maintenance expenses. What’s more, it can be used for any and every type of residential, commercial or industrial building project.

    Energy-Efficient Wall Forming System for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

    Energy usage impacts the environment and your bottom line. The CONFORM® concrete wall forming system promotes energy efficiency reducing your operating costs and carbon footprint significantly. Manufactured in NUFORM’s state-of-the-art facility in Ontario, Canada, the CF8i wall assembly has a minimum effective R-value of 22 (RSI 3.82) in cold climates. In addition, it is environmentally-friendly as the polymer components are recyclable, energy efficient, and non-toxic. From the simplest structure to the most complex architectural design, CONFORM® is the ideal choice for long-lasting, maintenance-free, energy-efficient buildings with lower construction costs and quicker occupancy.