Storage Facility

This modern storage facility, where the innovative CONFORM wall system is employed to create efficient and versatile dividing walls between storage units. Spanning a spacious area, this facility offers a multitude of storage options tailored to meet the diverse needs of all customers.

The CONFORM walls serve as sturdy partitions, providing privacy and security for each storage unit while maximizing the available space. Their modular design allows for flexible configurations, ensuring that every inch of the facility is optimized for storage capacity. Whether storing household items, business inventory, or recreational equipment, customers can trust that their belongings are safely housed within the confines of the CONFORM-built storage units.

In addition to their functional benefits, the CONFORM walls contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the facility. Their sleek finish and clean lines create a professional and inviting atmosphere, making the storage experience pleasant and hassle-free.


Building Size:20,000 Sq. Ft.
Year Built:2017
Wall heights:10’ high
Profiles Used:CF2 interior walls
PVC wall and ceiling panels
Features:Horizontally installed panels
Unfilled wall forms
Interior and exterior ceiling panels
Tan and White walls
Non load bearing walls
Used in conjunction with customized steel channels.
Multi storey facility