Warehouse / Industrial

Pre-Finished Walls for Quick Construction of Industrial and Warehouse Buildings

Prepared to order and assembled on site, CONFORM® pre-finished walls are the ideal choice for your new constructions of warehouses, and other commercial or industrial facilities like auto dealerships and retail complexes. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to handle reducing the time and effort required to complete your building projects. Being available in a variety of standard lengths speeds up shipping and construction while customizing options enables you to meet more specific business needs.

NUFORM® is well known for its revolutionary building solutions not just here in North America but around the globe. Our pre-finished walls are made in a cutting-edge facility in Ontario, Canada—this centralized location helps us significantly reduce turnaround time and shipping costs for our customers.

The advantages of using CONFORM® for industrial and warehouse facilities:

Bearing walls:

CONFORM® is suitable for conventional and slender concrete bearing walls designed in accordance with ACI 318 and CSA A23.3. As the hollow components are erected, vertical and horizontal reinforcing steel bars are installed and temporarily braced for stability. The details for connection of floor and roof framing are similar to conventional concrete walls.

Non-bearing walls:

Choose CONFORM® exterior non-bearing walls as a time-saving alternative to conventional precast and masonry wall systems. Typically, the CONFORM components are pre-assembled and then lifted into place using a boom truck. The hollow wall sections are connected and temporarily braced. Then, reinforcing steel bars are added and the components are concrete-filled using a pump truck.
NUFORM® products offer lasting value through cutting-edge products that enhance your bottom line throughout their lifecycle.

Durable NUFORM® Pre-Finished Walls Offer a Lifetime of Savings

The innovative NUFORM® pre-finished walls provide reliable, fast-track construction and easy maintenance throughout the lifespan of the products. Engineered to provide a lifetime of savings, they are the smart alternative to conventional construction assemblies such as insulated panel, precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls. You can look forward to lower start-up costs and year-upon-year maintenance and energy savings to enhance your bottom line.

The NUFORM® advantage:

Solid concrete construction
Quick on-site assembly
Proven cost savings
Unparalleled energy efficiency
Resistant to extreme weather conditions; can be designed to handle earthquake and hurricane conditions
Rodent and pest resistant
Will not rust, corrode, flake, peel or rot
Superior indoor air quality on account of mold and mildew resistance

CONFORM® pre-finished walls can be pre-assembled in 8-foot wide sections and to the building’s full wall height, which is ideal for large-scale projects, or in individual components for smaller structures. The modular components can include built-in insulation, service raceways and rough openings to facilitate rapid construction. RELINE® and RENU® prefinished wall and ceiling systems can be used by themselves or as a ceiling complement to CONFORM® walls.

Call NUFORM® at 1-877-747-9255 or request a quote online for easy-to-assemble prefinished walls to speed up your next construction project.