House Kit

All-in-one and easy to assemble house shell solution for building sustainable and affordable residential housing

Our house kit includes our CONFORM® wall forms ranging from our CF2 ( 64mm ) forms to our 8” ( 200mm ) pre-insulated form as specified by you.  Add your locally supplied roof, windows and doors and you have a ready to move-in house in a matter of days.  CONFORM® is a cost-effective construction system that is easy to install. CONFORM® panels are erected and poured with concrete leaving a finished interior and exterior surface and requires no additional finishes such as painting, stucco or any other cladding.  Our wall forms arrive to your site in neatly packed containers fully labelled ready to start installation.
A trained crew can assemble the entire house shell and complete the interior and exterior surfaces in just a few days.

A house of 50 square metres can be built in approximately three days. All components are pre-cut and labeled for easy on-site assembly. Less skilled labor is required on-site, creating a cleaner overall work site and reduced construction schedule. By training local people to work with the HOUSE KIT, technical and specialty construction skills are developed, enabling quick completion of the walls and generating job opportunities for local people. Education is also provided to the construction crew about recycling procedures and the environmental impacts of buildings, and how these impacts can be minimized.


Our HOUSE KIT models range in size from 26 square metres to 90 square metres; we can assemble a HOUSE KIT based on your floor plan design. The optimized layout is designed to provide for pleasant living and optimizes the use of interior space, so the resources used in constructing a house are kept a minimum. The floor plans feature room layouts, a common area and a social area to accommodate six to eight people.

We use leading best practices to ensure delivery

We are recognized as thought leaders in the industry for our management approach in delivering cost effective solutions and using performance indicators to ensure that the delivery of our HOUSE KIT solution meets our rigid quality standards. Our end to end solution uses project management, great people, technology, and processes in delivering homes at cost and on schedule.

Sustainable construction system that is LEED-certified and employs R3 Technology

What makes the NUFORM HOUSE KIT environmentally sustainable? The HOUSE KIT walls are composed of rigid recycled PVC Polymer serving as the formwork for concrete. NUFORM® is implements an environmentally friendly structures that use R3 – REUSE – RECYCLE – REPURPOSE, sustainable technology, which forms the core of our manufacturing process.

  • REUSE: The environmentally-friendly CONFORM® contributes towards a possible 15 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points for less waste
  • RECYCLE: CONFORM® is manufactured from at least 55% pre-consumer recycled material that is waste from other vinyl manufactured products to save on natural resources. Other recycled materials could include rebar for reinforcing the walls, or recycled concrete aggregate from construction waste materials.
  • REPURPOSE: using spare parts to create a new product, for example, we repurpose PVC window frames to manufacture RELINE® and CONFORM®.

Key operational benefits that LEED-certified buildings enjoy include lower operating costs, reduction in waste sent to landfills, conservation of energy and water, reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions, tax rebates and zoning allowances.

Other benefits of NUFORM® R3 technology is highly mold and mildew resistant (as per ASTM G21), along with low VOC emissions, which leads to healthier interior environments. Excellent thermal properties and light reflectivity promotes lower building energy costs, increased durability, longer lifecycle and low maintenance.

Included in your HOUSE KIT are the following components:

CONFORM® walls: CONFORM® is a revolutionary stay-in place concrete wall forming system that offers a cost-effective construction system. CONFORM® is easy to install; the CONFORM® panels are erected and poured with concrete leaving a finished interior and exterior surface. The finished CONFORM® surface requires no additional labour such as painting, stucco or any other cladding.
RELINE® ceiling: RELINE® is lightweight and easy-to-install prefinished PVC interior wall panels.

Predesigned HOUSE KITS have all the components for a complete single family home, including:

  • Two to four bedroom
  • One full bathroom
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Living space

Our program methodology is highlighted by the following ideologies:

We strive to build a working relationship with new customers that is built on communication, collaboration, honesty, and trust.
We put our customers first. This ideology is highlighted throughout our program methodology, and corporate culture.
We take pride in being organized by having all activities prepared and coordinated prior to starting the building of the NUFORM® HOUSE KIT
We believe that focusing on the details is an important activity because the smallest item can have a large impact on the cost and schedule.