New Building Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction

Builders, developers, property owners, and architects, get ready to revolutionize your projects. Wall forming systems from NUFORM® give you an efficient and cost-effective way to complete your construction and renovation projects. Made in our conveniently-located, modern manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada, we provide fast turnaround on orders all round the world irrespective of size. From custom homes to military installations, vehicle wash buildings and noise barriers, our cutting-edge building solutions serve a variety of needs.

In addition to speeding up construction and occupancy, they offer a lifetime of savings in terms of low maintenance, energy-efficiency and durability. CONFORM can earn you up to 15 valuable LEED points in your qualification process.

An Overview of Our Innovative Products:


The revolutionary, stay-in-place wall forming systems are an innovative building product that are easy to construct as well as maintain. Highly durable, impervious to weather and virtually maintenance free, CONFORM® presents a time-and-cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete and wood frame construction. CONFORM®formwork is custom cut to your specifications providing enhanced design flexibility lending itself to a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are a developer, contractor, architect, engineer, or designer you can find attractive and cost-effective solutions for your next project with CONFORM®.


These cost-effective, innovative and lightweight panels fasten directly to an existing wall and/or roof truss, and are perfect for renovations as well as new construction. A smart alternative to FRP and other vinyl-based liner panels, they are easily available in stock lengths (custom lengths available upon request) reducing the turnaround time. The liner panels come ready-to-assemble and no gluing is required promoting faster construction and occupancy. The high quality, bright, smooth finish reduces energy costs and reduces maintenance time. 


This heavy-duty reversible paneling is specifically designed to meet the challenges of vehicle wash interiors. The RENU® paneling system is ideal to clad self-serve buildings built with CMU. Not only is the panel reversible (can be flipped over and used on the other side if damaged) but the superior materials used in construction and high quality, long-lasting finishes minimize your maintenance effort and expenses.

NUFORM® innovative wall forming systems are engineered for superior performance, durability and energy efficiency. Take advantage of our professional design, logistics, technical assistance and onsite training services for your project.

Innovative Wall Forming Systems with Skilled Design, Logistics and Onsite Training Service

Our innovative building solutions can help reduce time spent in construction, labor cost and maintenance expenses. Our revolutionary CONFORM®, RELINE® and RENU® wall forming systems are ideal for new construction as well as retrofits and can serve a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial needs. CONFORM® is available in a range of custom size options, and can include built-in insulation, service raceways and rough openings to fast track construction and occupancy.

In addition to providing cutting-edge building products and solutions, we also offer professional assistance at every stage of your new construction or renovation project. You can rely on our experienced and dedicated NUFORM® team to meet all your project requirements from initial design conception to execution and onsite training. We service customer requests not only in North America but all over the world.

Our services


Send us a basic floor plan with wall heights and openings and we take care of the rest. Your detailed, custom quote will include a price delivered to the job site.


Our in-house design department converts each project to the unique  CONFORM® system. Once the preliminary plan is approved by the client and/or architect, it is sent to our production department for manufacturing. If you are an experienced user, you can use our in house developed design software tool with AutoCAD to lay out and price their own projects.

Technical Assistance

Our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff is available to assist you with project related questions including design, engineering and construction. We also have a dedicated technical section with guides, specifications, codes, bulletins and tips that you can access 24/7.

Transportation and Logistics

Our in-house transportation and logistics team will ensure that your project is shipped cost effectively to your job site or warehouse. Whether shipping via full truck load, LTL or flat bed, we work with leading transportation and logistics companies to ensure that your order arrives securely and on time anywhere in North America or around the world.

Onsite Field Training

Although building with CONFORM® is simple, if you are new we offer an on-site contractor training program with one of our experienced technicians on location.

NUFORM® eco-friendly, energy-efficient wall forming systems can help you earn up to 15 LEED points bringing you closer to meeting your green building goals. Build with confidence while keeping the environment and your bottom line safe.