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Attractive and Durable Wall Systems Built with Sustainable R3 Technology

Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®) is committed to building more environmentally friendly structures. We don’t just talk about a greener future; we actually live it every day by using R3 sustainable technology which forms the core of our manufacturing process.

What is R3 technology?

Recycle, reuse and repurpose (R3) are the three essential components of environmentally-responsible production.


Reusing materials and products as much as possible before replacing them or sending them to the landfill. With NUFORM® you can earn up to 2 LEED points for less waste.


Ensure that items or their components are put to a new or different use as much as possible. CONFORM® is manufactured from at least 55% pre-consumer recycled material that is waste from other vinyl manufactured products.


Using spare parts to create a new product, for example, repurposing PVC window frames to manufacture our RELINE® and CONFORM® products.

NUFORM® has over 15 years of proven, in the field performance using recycled process technology. We have invested in the latest equipment and training to enhance our sustainability which we pass on to our customers. For us this begins with our production floor including recycled materials manufactured through sustainable processes. We don’t just support a greener environment; we go the extra mile to make it possible. Our guaranteed sustainable products are validated by the UL Environment.

The benefits of NUFORM® R3 technology:

  • High quality bi-extrusion process creates fused products that do not peel, flake or delaminate; thus providing consistent appearance and performance
  • Contributes up to 15 LEED points towards your green building certification
  • Highly mould and mildew resistant (as per ASTM G21), along with low VOC emissions lead to healthier interior environments
  • Reduced on site painting and finishing thereby minimizing the use of more hazardous products
  • Excellent thermal properties and light reflectivity promotes lower building energy costs
  • Increased durability, longer lifecycle and low maintenance provide for sustainable building envelopes

Are you looking to maximize building energy savings? Do you want to lower maintenance costs? NUFORM® pre-finished walls are the ideal solution. We offer savings right from the first day of your construction or renovation, providing quick project completion and occupancy plus a lifetime of reduced maintenance.

Call NUFORM® at 1-877-747-9255 or request a quote online for cost-effective green building products manufactured using the latest R3 technology.