Chicken Barn

This chicken farming complex in the heart of North Carolina, has seven massive barns spanning a total of 250,000 square feet stand proudly, each featuring robust 19-foot load-bearing insulated CONFORM walls. This facility represents the epitome of modern agricultural engineering, designed to meet the demands of large-scale poultry production while prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and animal welfare.

As you step into our barns, you’ll immediately notice the impressive height and solidity of the CONFORM walls, providing unparalleled structural integrity and insulation to ensure optimal conditions for the feathered inhabitants year-round. The advanced insulation properties of the CONFORM walls not only help maintain consistent temperatures but also contribute to significant energy savings, enhancing the sustainability of our operation.

At the core of this facility lies a commitment to the well-being of the chickens. With ample space and superior ventilation facilitated by the CONFORM walls, these birds enjoy a comfortable and stress-free environment conducive to healthy growth and development. Additionally, the smooth surfaces of the CONFORM walls make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and biosecurity.


Building Size:250,000 Sq. Ft.
Year Built:2006
Wall heights:19’6”
Profiles Used:CF8i insulated exterior walls
CF8i gable end walls
CF8 un-insulated above grade walls
CF6 interior walls
CF4 interior walls
Features:Load bearing interior walls
Load bearing exterior walls
Interior partition walls
Pre cut & site cut openings