Car Dealership

The car dealership, constructed with the CONFORM building system, stands out with its bright and welcoming interior. The walls in the repair bays create a vibrant atmosphere that showcases the vehicles in their best light. This not only enhances the cleanliness but also reduces the need for excessive artificial lighting, contributing to energy savings.

Step inside, and you’ll notice the smooth finish of the walls, making them easy to maintain and clean. With the CONFORM system, upkeep becomes a breeze, allowing staff to keep the dealership spotless with minimal effort. This not only ensures a pristine environment for showcasing cars but also reflects positively on the dealership’s professionalism and attention to detail. In essence, the CONFORM-built dealership combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a bright, inviting space that enhances the car-buying experience for customers while promoting operational efficiency for the business.


Building Size:75,000 sq. ft
Year Built:2003
Wall heights:Ranging from 10’ to 20’ high
Profiles Used:CF8 exterior walls
CF8 Interior walls
CF8 interior walls
PVC ceiling panels
Features:Below grade walls
Load bearing exterior walls
Load bearing interior walls
Used in conjunction with pre-engineered
steel structure
Site cut and pre cut openings