Low Income Residence

In the realm of large-scale social housing projects worldwide, the adoption of the CONFORM wall forming system heralds a transformative shift towards affordable, efficient, and durable construction solutions. Designed for rapid assembly and low cost, CONFORM offers a streamlined approach to building solid concrete structures, ideal for meeting the housing needs of burgeoning urban populations. With its innovative design, CONFORM enables the swift erection of walls, reducing construction time and labor costs significantly. This efficiency not only accelerates the completion of housing projects but also ensures that dwellings are made available to residents in a timely manner, addressing urgent housing shortages in communities across the globe.

Moreover, the inherent durability and low maintenance requirements of CONFORM constructions make them particularly well-suited for social housing initiatives. Solid concrete construction encased in a PVC wall form ensures resilience against the elements, offering long-term structural integrity and stability. With minimal upkeep necessary, these buildings provide sustainable housing solutions that alleviate the burden on both residents and local governments. By embracing CONFORM for large-scale social housing projects, communities can achieve the dual goals of providing affordable housing while promoting economic development and social stability, paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come.


Building Size:700 Sq.Ft.
Year Built:2016
Wall heights:9’ high
Profiles Used:CF2 interior and exterior walls
Features:Load Bearing Walls
Pre cut openings
PVC Windows
PVC Doors
Single Bedroom
Single washroom
Over 700 homes erected