Truck Wash

Welcome to a premier truck wash facility, designed to meet the needs of even the largest vehicles. The wash bay features spacious dimensions, accommodating trucks of all sizes, ensuring thorough cleaning with ease. Supported by sturdy 8″ CONFORM loadbearing walls and a precast concrete slab roof structure.

Stepping into the wash bay and you’ll be greeted by a bright and clean interior, illuminated by natural light streaming through strategically placed windows. The smooth finish of our walls not only enhances the aesthetics but also facilitates easy cleaning, maintaining a pristine environment for every wash.

This truck wash facility offers a spacious and well-lit environment setting the standard for commercial vehicles while upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, efficiency, and quality.


Building Size:3,500 Sq. Ft.
Year Built:2004
Wall heights:Ranging from 10ft. to 18ft. high
Profiles Used:CF8 un-insulated above grade walls
Features:Load bearing exterior walls
Pre-Assembled Walls
Hollow Coreslab ceiling
Site Cut Openings
Exterior Decal Finish