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    Eco-Friendly NUFORM® Wall Forming Systems Have UL Environment Validation

    ul-validatedNuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®) is committed to sustainable practices and products. This translates to eco-friendly and energy-efficient products that will boost our client’s green efforts and cost savings. CONFORM® and RELINE® are validated by the UL Environment offering our customers guaranteed assurance on the credibility of our green features.

    What is UL Environment?

    UL Environment is an independent, third-party organization that offers a number of environmental claims validation and accreditation services. It brings over 100 years of experience in testing, certification and standards development into the environmental products industry.

    Why is this third party validation of NUFORM® products important?

    ‘Greenwashing’ (making claims about green features that are not necessarily true) has become an issue of major concern in the sustainable products industry. This is the result of the rising market demand and competition to produce greener products. Greenwashing poses a threat to a builder or designer who is looking to obtain any level of environmental certification for their buildings. By obtaining validation from the UL Environment, NUFORM® has eliminated the risk of greenwashing providing our customers with total peace of mind.

    LEED-certifiedNUFORM® is proud of our commitment to protecting the environment. Our CF8i, 8” insulated form, is a leader in providing energy efficient walls, reducing overall heating and cooling costs and associated greenhouse gases. In addition, all of our products are 100% recyclable because we are committed to using post-industrial recycled materials wherever possible.

    NUFORM® product features are validated by UL Environment for recycled content and mould resistance. Through ongoing research and development, we are also working towards validation for the use of regional materials, rapidly renewable content, recyclability, low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content, reclamation and energy savings.

    With environmental claim validations from UL Environment, NUFORM® products come armed with third-party proof of their compliance with various green codes, standards, and procurement policies, including the LEED® Green Building Rating System, ASHRAE 189.1, and more.

    Pursuing UL Environment certification on our products is just one of the many initiatives that NUFORM® is taking to help you build greener, easier. The validation eliminates the possibility of greenwashing allowing you to build with confidence and efficiency.

    Call NUFORM® at 1-877-747-9255 or request a quote online for cutting-edge green building systems with UL Environment validation.