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    spec-airportThe CONFORM® pre-finished wall forming system is revolutionizing the building industry and making it easy for businesses, large and small, to build solid, cost-efficient structures of all types. It reduces construction cost, eliminates finishing expenses and is virtually maintenance-free offering a lifetime of savings no matter what the application.

    Made by Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®), a leader in innovative building products, the weather-resistant pre-finished wall forms can withstand a humid or corrosive environment. Additionally they can be designed to handle extreme conditions like earthquakes and hurricanes.

    Flexibility of design, faster construction times and enhanced durability have made this paneling system the building material of choice for both standard and specialty applications.

    The CONFORM® wall forming system can be used for wide ranging specialty buildings including requirements for:

    • Automotive dealerships
    • Retaining walls
    • Airport radar towers
    • Mausoleums
    • Guard houses
    • Pump houses (mud buildings)
    • Garbage enclosures
    • Safe rooms (personal or community)
    • Pet washes
    • and much more

    NUFORM® products are built to last. Whether you are a developer, contractor, architect, engineer, or designer you can find attractive and cost-effective solutions for your next project.

    Call us at 1-877-747-9255 or request a quote online for wall forming systems that are suitable for any climate and work environment.

    Energy-Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly NUFORM® Pre-Finished Wall Forms

    The revolutionary NUFORM® building solutions promote environmentally-friendly residential, commercial and industrial facilities while never losing sight of your bottom line. It’s not just construction expenses that we aim to reduce but operational expenses throughout the lifecycle of our products which are built to last a lifetime. For example, using the environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient CONFORM® pre-finished wall forming system can contribute towards a possible 15 LEED points for your certification.


    Additional benefits of using the CONFORM® paneling system:

    • Made-to-order, it offers quick onsite assembly with proven cost savings
    • Suits all types of weather
    • Its solid concrete construction is made to last a lifetime.
    • Its innovative and lightweight design reduces labour and finishing expenses.
    • It is available in a range of sizes offering greater flexibility of design from a compact home to a car wash, school or large industrial complex.
    • It fits a variety of conventional roof structures, windows and door systems.
    • Its modular components facilitate rapid construction and can include built-in insulation, service raceways and rough openings.
    • It requires no painting since it will not rust, corrode, flake, peel or rot plus it is rodent and pest-resistant and is easy to maintain.
    • Its resistance to mould and mildew promotes superior indoor air quality.
    • It resists ultra violet radiation to encourage greater energy efficiency.

    Consider NUFORM® pre-finished wall forming systems for your next specialty project. We offer a cost-efficient alternative to conventional construction assemblies such as insulated panel, precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls.

    Contact us for more details about specialty projects successfully delivered using our paneling system.