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    Hygienic and Durable Wall Assembly and Ceiling Liner for Agricultural Facilities

    CONFORM® wall assemblies and the RELINE® ceiling liner are ideal for meeting the stringent hygiene levels required in agricultural and food storage facilities.  They are  energy-efficient and easy to maintain reducing the need for the frequent maintenance normally required for this type of operation. Small and large agricultural operations such as poultry, hogs and cattle now have a cost-effective way to preserve the pristine environment that their business requires, while reducing their energy costs. Available in a range of sizes these advanced wall forming systems are also easy to install, thereby fast tracking construction and reducing labour cost.

    Made by Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®) these top quality products serve agricultural facilities around the globe. They  are ready for immediate use reducing your building time (and downtime) and cost considerably.

    The advantages of using the CONFORM®wall forming system:

    Poultry Barns

    agr-poultry-barn Our mould and mildew resistant buildings improve indoor air quality. The walls can be quickly and easily washed, allowing you to maintain the strict cleanliness demanded of today’s modern agricultural facilities.

    Hog Barns

    agr-hog-barn The superior insulating properties of this high quality wall forming system help keep animals healthy while reducing energy costs.

    Dairy Parlours

    agr-dairy-parlor The solid construction of our wall system ensures your cattle are better protected from the elements and provides an extremely hygienic and durable wall assembly for this demanding environment.

    Storage for Fruit, Vegetable, Feed, Shops & General Merchandise

    agr-storage Due to the superior solid concrete construction, your storage buildings will look great in any climate and last a lifetime. Exterior walls will not rust, corrode or peel.

    Call NUFORM® at 1-877-747-9255 or request a quote online for a pest and weather-resistant concrete wall forming system for your agricultural facility.

    Low-Maintenance-Low-Cost Wall Assembly Ideal for Any Climate

    Our hygienic and durable wall assembly offers a cost-effective building solution for all types of agricultural facilities. Extremely popular all over North America and even internationally, the CONFORM® rigid polymer forms easily slide together, creating pre-finished walls that can be constructed quickly in any climate. RELINE® innovative, lightweight panels fasten directly to an existing wall or truss ceiling and are perfect for renovating an existing facility or starting a new project. Moreover, when used as a ceiling panel, RELINE® is the perfect complement to the CONFORM® concrete wall forming system. RELINE®, in fact, was specifically designed for agricultural facilities.

    RELINE® highlights:

    • Quick and easy installation with no gluing required
    • Panels will not warp, rust or corrode and never need to be painted
    • Superior sound and thermal insulating properties
    • Resistant to weather as well as rodents and termites
    • Durable finished surface brightens the interior of the building
    • Meets Class A interior finish requirements
    • Evaluated by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and HACCP Canada recommended

    Whether you raise poultry, hogs or dairy cattle, or just want a superior agricultural building, our cutting-edge wall assembly solutions are the smart choice for cost-efficient construction and reduced maintenance. Both standard and custom lengths are available, plus a range of fasteners and accessories to meeting your specific needs. You will enjoy the additional savings delivered by enhanced energy efficiency.

    Contact us for details about our leading-edge wall assembly solutions for agricultural facilities.