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thumb-vid-1 temp Energy Efficient Buildings
Type: YouTube
Time: 2 minutes 10 seconds
Date: September 2013
Subject: Energy efficient building construction would save energy for year. CONFORM offers a sustainable construction for a greener future. Watch this video to learn how CONFORM could contribute to a greener future.

thumb-vid-2 How to Build a House in 2 Days
Type: YouTube
Time: 1 minute 24 seconds
Date: September 2013
Subject: The CONFORM building system provides a rapid construction method that significantly reduces the time for completing concrete walls. Under certain conditions, the walls of a small house can be built in 2 days. Watch this video to learn how it is being done.

thumb-vid-4 temp Army South News Update – June 2013
Type: YouTube
Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds
Date: June 2013
Subject: Army South monthly newscast for June 2013. Hosted by SGT Deylon Douglass.

thumb-vid-3 Keep Douglasville Beautiful Quarterly Award Cactus Car Wash
Type: YouTube
Time: 6 minutes 8 seconds
Date: January 2013
Subject: “Keep Douglasville Beautiful” awarded to Cactus Car Wash with its Business Beautification Award for the first quarter of 2013. Self-serve car wash bays are subject to heavy wear and tear on a daily basis, not to mention the continuously moist environment. Watch this video to learn about using RELINE® for open car wash construction.